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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forgot to update on everything...

Ok so the shop in New Braunfels came to an end back in November of 2011.  The owner of Red Rooster was not as nice a person as he had led me to believe, and forced me out of my own business.  Luckily, he got his come uppence.  He lost his lease to the building just a few short months after I left, and I held the dba to the name so he at least wasn't able to actually steal my business, he just took my concept and decided he didn't need me to run it.  My fault for allowing him to talk me out of having a contract, but I was so desperate to get this business going that I trusted someone very untrustworthy.  I will never make that mistake again.

I reopened Cupcakes Divine in March of 2012 in Canyon Lake where I live.  Started out with a bang, but overhead and a new biz partner who had the best intentions, yet not the capital promised so I had to buy her out, coupled with the tourist season ending, nearly did me in.  But I survived.  Trying to get advertising again in the area to boost sales.  We are looking for space in the Kyle/Buda area to open a second location that is not subject to tourist business, but daily local business.  It is the only area that isn't saturated with cupcake shops and bakeries, and is growing in leaps and bounds.  So I am hopeful.  Also offering franchises of Cupcakes Divine.  Hoping someone in Houston, Austin, or Dallas would like to own one. 

If you are ever in Canyon Lake, TX come on by the shop for some yummy cupcakes :)

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