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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yes a bit common on the intro but hey, I am mentally worn out today...LOL!

Join me in my journey through my life as a cake artist.  Orders are non existant right now as I am in a reorganization mode from being a licensed caker who used a rental kitchen and my website as my storefront to being a home baker.

The law in Texas will change effectively September 1, 2011, and it will then be legal for anyone to sell bake goods, jams, jellies, and/or dry spice mixes that are made in their home kitchen.  Come with me as I learn what impact this will have on my cake businesses: Cakes Divine and Cupcakes Divine.

I know I will still have the issue of not having a brick and mortar storefront that folks can just walk into and purchase something.  Every new potential client always asks if they can just swing by and have a free sample.  Every custom shop I know of is also run on an appointment only basis, we aren't a grocery store, nor are we Walmart or Costco, so why they would think they could just walk in and get free cake is beyond me.  So how do I get around this?  I host a free sampling event each month at my dance studio.  We decorate the room and I set up a lavish display.  I book several consults/tastings on those days and only bake what I need to feed that day.  Brides must RSVP for the event.  If no one RSVPs then I don't hold the event.  If  a bride wants a more personal tasting then I charge a fee, they get to choose 4 cake flavors, and if they book I deduct the $40 fee from their order, thus making the sampling free.

I am hoping that I will increase my sales.  I don't plan on lowering my price point because my product is great if I do say so myself, but there are plenty of clients that will agree with me.  All I know is that from January 31, 2011, when my license expired I have had to turn away around $15000 worth of business.  Talk about a financial OUCH!  And I lost my day job back in March so that money would have been such a great help for us, but alas, it was not to be. 

My life has been like a soap opera since January.  I originally wanted this blog to document my journey of opening Cupcakes Divine: A Cupcake Bar.  Everything was falling perfectly in place then just before it could become a reality, everything crashed and burned.  I have been in an emotional and financial slump ever since.  I am hoping this new law will be a blessing so I can start making cakes again. 

Stick around, come back often to see how things are progressing.  :)

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